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Enfantin , P. Fanon , F. Frobert , L.

Ferry , J. Garnier , J. Juglar , J.

préparer la science de l'avenir

Lacroix , F. Leroy-Beaulieu , P.

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Maunier , R. Paris : Librairie du Recueil Sirey.

Institutions and the colonisation of Africa: some lessons from French colonial economics

Molinari de , G. North , D. Parent , A.

2011, une année avec le CNRS - 20 juillet 2012

Perville , G. Proudhon , P. Roland , O. Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , p. Stamm , A. Solal , P. Tocqueville , A. Urbain , I. La Chimie et la Guerre, Science et Avenir. Rent or Buy article Get time limited or full article access on ReadCube. Authors Search for T. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. Comments By submitting a comment you agree to abide by our Terms and Community Guidelines.

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La Chimie et la Guerre, Science et Avenir | Nature

Nature Research menu. But his conclusion - that the EU has both confederal and federal elements, and these two schemes actually share many common features - is a somewhat disappointing cop-out. These elements in fact tend to lead in different directions, as the United States found out in its early years. Sidjanski, in contrast, provides an eminently clear account of the EU's origins and development, arguing that federalism is both Europe's future and the best way to contain excessive nationalism.

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He devotes much space to the Balkan tragedies, which Burgess barely mentions, but his focus leads him into a different kind of trap. He analyzes the EU's evolution as a troubled yet necessary march toward federalism but fails to ask what it would take to build a European public space - and whether there can be a European federation without a European "people". He seems torn between his faith and his awareness of the obstacles to federation. The University of Michigan Press. ISBN This incontestable literary classic, dedicated to European integration, and, more particularly, to contemporary federalist reflection was published in French in It has taken over eight years publication of the English version.

May English readers know that they will not be disappointed. Firstly, because the analysis of Dusan Sidjanski, founder in of the political science department at the University of Geneva, where he is presently professor Emeritus, remains of a rare academic quality and will allow the Anglo-Saxon reader to establish the bridges between federalism and the neo-functionalist approach, with which, as Jacques Delors pointed out, he is fully familiar.

It is thus that this translation fills a void, though it is true that, in the past, Anglo-Saxon readers had the tendency of largely ignoring the federalist concept. Secondly, because the author, a Swiss citizen, born in Yugoslavia is not only a scrupulous academic, but also, a critical militant but passionate federalist, whose latest work has been enriched with three new chapters covering the end of the last century.

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  8. The Federal Future of Europe is a major study that provides a profound analysis of the European Union and its evolution. This English version comes at a particular moment, when Europe is preparing for enlargement and at the aftermath of the Nice Summit, where member states are engaging in a formal and authoritative debate about the future of Europe. Presently, there is a wide agreement that the present institutions can not work in an E.

    Fay Dowker: Le passé, le présent et l'avenir: la science du temps (en français)

    Dusan Sidjanski, a leading European scholar, has argued for a long time in a consistent way that federalism is the future of Europe. Today this vision is gaining consistency and valid support. Recently Mr.

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    Schroeder expressed some of the SPD views regarding the future shape of European institutions, which are largely supported by the German Christian Democrats. They argue for a Federal European Union inspired in the German model. My party believes in the future of Europe and we are proud of the contribuition we gave in the Portuguese government from to , to the European project.