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This might not determine the inside or the outside of these impossible objects, but it will render the sonic and visual boundaries of a three-dimensional space tangible. To this end, the composition uses simulated reflections in physical and virtual spaces. Various methods of traditional instrument building are used to transcribe the virtual geometries into musical patterns which, in turn, weave sequences of notes and real-time emulations of different sound sources into multi-layered textures.

Verschiedene Methoden des traditionellen Instrumentenbaus dienen zur Transkription der virtuellen Geometrien als musikalische Muster, die Notensequenzen und die Echtzeit-Emulationen verschiedener Klangquellen zu vielschichtigen Texturen verweben. Freier Eintritt. A few months later the two developed the video installation My Eyes, My Body based on this object and created an Applied Autonomy audiovisual concert.

Free admission. Eintritt frei! NOWs: UNnatural. Philipp Sarasin: Darwins natural selection Lecture: August 7, 6. Juli, to Philipp Sarasin: Darwins natural selection Lecture: 7. August , August zu sehen sein! The performance is developed in dialog with Bracha L. The exhibition brings together two films that were developed in relation to each other, their location both being a small town in the south of France where the narrative follows a bizarre sequence of bullfights.

For example, for twelve months starting this April the Tate Modern in London is exclusively featuring female artists from its own collection. Through a focus on works of art by women, which are exhibited percentage-wise far less frequently than those by men, female artists are to be more strongly represented and their contribution to art history is to be more appropriately acknowledged. There are also projects such as these outside the visual arts.

The IKOB is likewise seeking to make its contribution to an endeavour that is actually long overdue. We engaged in a closer analysis of our collection and investigated the question as to how many works of art came from women and how many from men. Why is this low percentage surprising? But as soon as it is a matter of participation in exhibitions at galleries, museums and art associations, it is striking that women lag behind men with shocking regularity. If one then examines the list of the most commercially successful artists, it becomes evident that the number of top earners who are women continues to be infinitesimally small.

The exhibition is conceived as an invitation to communication: above all between the IKOB and the female artists represented in its collection, but also among visitors, both female and male, who have not seen many of these works of art for a long time or possibly never at all. Die Ausstellung versteht sich als eine Einladung zur Kommunikation.

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Here, you will see a vibrant and seductive performative mating dance taking place among sea slugs, octopuses and star fish, which are affected by climate change. Through a playful and humorous approach, Anne Duk Hee Jordan illustrates new perspectives on climate change and their tangible effects on the hormones of living organisms by allowing us to experience the world through the eyes of the sealife. The work and research are created in collaboration with curator and writer Pauline Doutreluingne.

On the walls of the room, a story that the artist prepared during his workshops with neighbourhood youth will be displayed: posters, photos and comics will compete to share the intricate world of the Laurentino. Patricia Geraldes will present the diaries she created with the residents of the Corviale: photos, memories, collages and drawings will create varying and contrasting visions of the neighbourhood. In the central square, Piazza Ferro di Cavallo, the artist will present a sculpture based on the idea of restoring a virtuous balance between humans and their environment: the site specific work will be composed of branches carved with memories and emotions drawn from her work at the Corviale.

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In the spaces adjacent to the Sala Colleoni, there will be a timeline, visual narration of the residences of these two artists, using photos of their time studying and working in Rome, taken by the photographer Luis Do Rosario. Alongside the project carried out in Italy, Magic Carpets sponsors the work of Italian artists abroad, with the idea of cultural exchange between European countries.

There are also shown documents and drawings made by the artists themselves. In archaeology we dig to uncover ourselves, but is it us that we find, or were we someone else? Daraus sind drei Werkreihen entstanden die die Ausstellung thematisiert. Aber sind wir es, die wir da wiederfinden?

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Monument for the September — NOWs: reprint. Change through Reproduction. Kunstraum hase29 Hasestr. Does what is reproduced influence our old idea of a unique original? The old idea of the original masterpiece will not dissolve, but will change fundamentally — reproductions are images that reproduce their own creation process in a refined and now highly technical way, thereby relativizing the earlier claim of art to produce unique originals. Reproduction means today: to take up old pictures and new procedures in order to transform them into new pictorial realities with applied reproduction techniques.

Everything that can be repeated and, above all, digitalized today can be reproduced at will. The result is always a result between a changed original pattern original and a newly documented form of reproduction, which gradually emerges through an ever-new reproduction. Beeinflusst das jeweils Reproduzierte unsere alte Vorstellung von einem einmaligen Original? Jahrhundert: Fotografie; Jahrhundert: 3-D- Druck , wird sich wahrscheinlich noch fortsetzen. NOWs: Passpunkt. What sets a photograph of a mountain panorama apart from that of a valley?

Numerous prizes, residencies and international exhibitions testify to her artistic achievements. Was unterscheidet das Foto eines Bergpanoramas von dem einer Talaufnahme? The show brings together 73 artists of different generations and cultural backgrounds whose selected works, in a wide range of media, invite critical awareness on the fragility of nature and human life while poetically invoking the regeneration of living systems.

The exhibition and the programing are co-curated by Phong Bui and Francesca Pietropaolo. The inspiration for our Social Environment comes from an understanding of our work as a creative act, which produces the monthly journal, public forums, and informal gatherings that are a platform for the diverse voices of our community. In Venice, we will produce our monthly issues in addition to a special issue of the River Rail, a publication documenting our exhibition and its interdisciplinary public programming bringing together artists, scientists, scholars, poets, writers, and musicians focusing on environment and climate change.

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Sketch of Tool Shed. Courtesy the artist. Louis Washington Boulevard St. If, as urbanist and author Jane Jacobs asserts, we need eyes on the streets then we need ears on the streets, too. Participants in the first phase of the project—including members of the Samaritan United Methodist Church, Third Baptist Church, and other CAM neighbors—construct and wear hearing devices based on early 20th-century technologies to engage protocols of listening. Ellingsen and CAM staff guide walkshops to observe and collect sounds from the surrounding neighborhood, with musicians, poets, field scientists, and landscape architects.

These field recordings are gathered, archived, and mixed into sound installations, creating aural portraits. Visitors can experience soundscapes of St.


The project is generously supported by the Divided City, an urban humanities initiative funded by the Andrew W. First Walkshop. Photo by Virginia Harold First Walkshop. Photo by Virginia Harold. Together with curator and architectural theorist Beatriz Colomina, artists Olafur Eliasson and Julius von Bismarck, as well as architect Sam Chermayeff, Lukas Feireiss explores the experience, design, reflection and imagination of space. Common to these positions is a multi-layered approach to space that addresses, questions and challenges the senses and sensations in very different ways.

Kunstbiennale Venedig im Mai Gemein ist den inhaltlichen Positionen ein vielschichtiger Zugang zum Raum, welcher die Sinne und Empfindungen auf ganz unterschiedliche Weise anspricht, hinterfragt und herausfordert. Das Symposium findet in englischer Sprache statt.

Udo Ulfkotte

Heart rate in beats per minute bpm is transmitted externally to the artwork by a sensor, facilitating a new form of communication and interaction. This direct experience turns the physical body into a place where light, information, movement and space intersect.

Wort abstrakt Begriff, Fremdwort abstrakt Definition und Beispiele

In the digital age, the transmission of light, or electricity and information plays a key role. This transmission is not linear: similar to our heartbeats, it takes a pulsing, wave-like form alternating current, binary code.

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In the installation, a straight beam of light is bent into a curve on all sides. The heart is not only an efficient mechanical pump. It is a location of empathy, emotional connection and direct communication. This living impulse connects us all — regardless of ethnic origin, gender, age or religion — including other forms of life such as animals.