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Instead I read garbage about this woman dying with honor and how good she was, absolutely absurd. On top of this you turn around and compare the prophets of God with this murderous, wicked woman, it is enough to make me want to stone you. Clearly you do not know the God of the bible, or what He represents. You are nothing more than another agnostic trying to win favor with the world by changing the meaning of the word of God to suit you, by doing so maybe you can convince true believers out there that the prophets of God were just as bad as Jezebel.

Good luck with that. If you received your just reward for this piece of garbage, You would burn in hell for this article, and I do not say this lightly. Anyone who would write such an article as this justifying what Jezebel did and trying to put her in a position of honor spits in the face of God. Jezebel was a whore, murder, theif and liar. You neglected to mention she was given an opportunity to repent of her sins and she refused. This article is garbage and I will never read anything else by you.

A Worshiper of Ba'al and Enemy of God

As a matter of fact I will not renew my subscription when it runs out. The author missed the Bible message, which she needs to take to her heart. Lyall Phillips, South Australia. You left something out when you were talking about Jezebel. You said it was based on the men who wrote about her but that is only half true.


That was what made her the most wicked woman of the Bible. Human sacrifice. There is a really good reason that Jezebel Jezebaal was condemned for bringing this kind of worship into Israel. As a woman I highly resent attempts to read backwards into Scriptures the current feminist agenda. Let past societies be what they are. Learn fm their mistakes and fm their successes. The summary is so far out of line with the story: Jezebel is not and admirable person! She can be recognized with some bellicose traits that lead her to destruction. The author has the wrong, Jezebel-like values. Loyalty to Yahweh is good.

Religious pluralism and idolatry is bad. I will never again come to or read anything from biblical archaeology. It is not Gods will for anyone to perish but for all to come to repentance, but that is the very thing arrogant Jezebel refused to do! The only sin that causes a person never to repent is pride. Thank God for the comments.

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The author of this piece is truly a Jezebel and I am sure she is quite proud of being equally deceptive. She is a woman who attempts to recreate Judaism and Christianity in her own image. We live in such dark times and with so many Jezebels in our midst. Nothing comes of it except the murder of babies by self serving Jezebels who worship impotent deities or none at all.

May God have mercy on her soul and may he have mercy on the souls of those that are beguiled by her ramblings. The author of this article is not accepting the Biblical narrative of how dangerous Jezebel is. Her archetype is the source of much suffering in the world. It goes beyond her gender. Gender has little to do with it. A man or a woman can be like Jezebel.

It just so happens the narrative makes her a woman. Jezebel was evil to the core.

In this article:

When Jehu rode past Jezebel, he did not talk to her because he knew how deceptive she is. He gave her no power to manipulate him. Instead he talked to her eunuchs, and they threw her over the tower walls. The dogs ate her until very little was left of her. That is how you deal with Jezebel. Give her no foothold. Give her no place.

Who Exactly Was the Original Jezebel?

Do not emulate or admire her. There are other long suffering, heroic women of the bible to admire. Jezebel was not long suffering. She imparted suffering. She was not maligned. She maligned others. She took and murdered and had no empathy for anyone but herself. I wonder if the author might be able to write without projecting her own ideology and bias into the piece. Men bad and women oppressed. It would have been nice to read what can be learned about Jezebel without the feminist flavor added to it.

This is a history website not an opinion forum. Good information, but bad authorship. Stick to the facts please. Contrary to common belief, 10, years ago, in Afrika women ruled with their Goddess, priestess, business women, warriors and heritage was passed down from mother to daughter; oh yes, men stayed home and took care of children and if they wanted anything they had to ask the female for it.

Them came the Indo-Europeans, the Ayrans as they were called, with their with their state of the art war tools, horses, chariots, metal shields and spears, etc and violently overthought the matriarchal system and replaced it with their male or patriarchal system. A system of European male domination which is in place to this present day. Therefore, Indo-European forced upon the people that women were less than and scandalized such women as jezebel, Lilith, Mary Magdalene and others.

We must step back and re-read these ancient and sometime mythological stories of females.

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Jezebel like so many other females could very well be fine women who remembered the power of females and stood there ground as a child of the CREATOR. We in modern time must see the CREATOR spirit as just that, a divine SPIRIT of the universe and view all people are people of worth and value, none greater than the other; none to rule the other, but people who are to live and respect one another.

Even in more recent history hundreds of germans supporter Hitler. She clearly had no problem manipulating him to her own ends.

Jezebel and Idolatry

By doing something odious in his name, she would further have widended the breach between him and the Israelite people, perhaps as an attempt to completely eradicate any loyalty he had to Yaweh, and loyalty to his people by driving a wedge between both God and man. She was cunning and shrewd in her manoevering. Jonadab was also a friend spelled enemy. The cult of Baal involved some pretty gross things including orgies.

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As with any situation in which perversion runs rampant, it is not outside the realm of possiblity that jezebel had experienced other abuses perhaps rape or molestation or even incest by the time she was of marriageable age. Esp since Ethbaal her father was a priest of baal.