Guide Night Walker: A Late Night Adventure Story for Kids (Animal Books for Kids Ages 6-8)

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Extreme Disasters that Changed America. Bearport, Ages Danczyk, Ken. Grandpa's Farm. Illustrated by Natasha Flatoff.

Lulu Publishing, Geisert, Bonnie and Arthur Geisert. Prairie Town. Houghton Mifflin, This small town located somewhere in the Great Plains of North America during the midth century has all that--and there's more, much more. Evidence of people's routines is everywhere. They do indoor and outdoor work, run their machines, handle errands, and raise seasonal crops.

There are occasional changes: a house fire, painting of the water tower, and modifications to a tree house. Puppies are born. The water tower is repainted, a new tombstone appears, and the school playground gets improved.

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There's a weekly livestock sale, and--sometimes--a visiting carnival. The weather dominates just about everything that happens: winter can be particularly fierce, and the sunsets are sensational.

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Gladitsch, Mary Rufledt. The Guest Cottage, Age 11 and older Jackson, Jacqueline Dougan. More Stories from the Round Barn.

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A sequel to Stories from the Round Barn Northwestern University Press, , the author focuses on events remembered by family and friends, ranging from the dramatic to the humorous. Many black-and-white photographs accompany the stories. Age 10 and older. Kapolnek, Kate. ABC Door County. Kate Kapolnek, Knickelbine, Scott.

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Wisconsin Historical Society Press, This historical account considers the conditions that led to the fire, and tells the stories of some of those who lost their lives in it and some who survived , while also delving into the science behind firestorms. Malone, Bobbie. Numerous reproductions of archival photographs and artwork illustrate the child-centered text of this soft-covered volume. Ages Martin, Jacqueline Briggs. On Sand Island. Illustrated by David Johnson. By bartering with his island neighbors, Carl is able to secure the supplies and help he needs to build his rowboat. This fictional picture book was inspired Carl Dahl, who spent his childhood and part of his adult life living on Sand Island.

Peterson, P.


Nuzum, author. Mill Pond Press, Ages Pferdehirt, Julia. Wisconsin Forest Tales. Illustrated by Pamela Harden. The experienced and enthusiastic young naturalists in fourth grade at Lincoln School share the results of their extensive research related to the School Forest, and offer tips to other students who are planning expeditions of their own. This remarkably well-produced booklet includes a history of the school forest, information about plants and animals, and creative writing inspired by the children's experiences, as well as original drawings and photographs.

In addition, it serves as an excellent model for integrating all aspects of the curriculum into a single project. Vogel, Carole Garbunny. Scholastic, What led up to these tragedies? How many people were affected, and what has happened since? Curious readers will gain newfound respect for nature's awesome power after reading these vivid descriptions. Carney, Margaret. At Grandpa's Sugar Bush. Illustrated by Janet Wilson. Kid's Can Press, He also discovers wonders of the winter wilderness in the process.

The Biggest Fish in the Lake. Kids Can Press, Fleming, Diane Bresnan. Gibbons, Gail. Soaring with the Wind: The Bald Eagle. Morrow, The importance of bald eagle as a symbol and conservation efforts are also presented. Granfield, Linda. Circus: An Album. DK Ink, Along with history, this volume offers glimpses into the daily life of circus performers and presents difficult ethical issues such as the morality of sideshows and performing animals.

Includes many color photos and illustrations. Ages Green, Catherine M. Gray, and Bobby Malone. Great Ships on the Great Lakes.

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This volume explores their rich maritime history, from the Native Americans who fished, hunted, and gathered plants in birchbark canoes and dugouts, to the sailors and lighthouse keepers of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries who kept goods and people moving through the region. A final chapter on underwater archaeology brings the story up to the present day, describing the methods used to locate, explore, and conserve the Great Lakes' many shipwrecks. With archival and contemporary photographs, a timeline, and lists of resources and places to visit.

Ages Luckhurst, Matt. Abrams, Lawrence in search of pancakes. Paul can't get enough of them, so he and Babe travel the country, logging forests from Wisconsin to California in exchange for all the pancakes they can eat. The pair have many outsize adventures, including helping to create the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains, but eventually they sicken literally of pancakes and return home, having learned an important lesson: eat your veggies! With author's note and bibliography. Ages Martin, Wayne R.

Cranberries Revealed. Martin PhotoMedia, Learn about the distinct cranberry growing region, where their name originated, and how they are grown and harvested. Complete with a glossary of tasty cranberry recipes to try at home. Age 10 and older Martino, Joe. Illustrated by Patrick Bochnak. Badgerland Books, Book 1: Becky Gets a Brother. Pennington, Rochelle M. Illustrated by Charles Vickery. A winter storm caught the ship en route, and it sank with all hands off the coast of Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

The story of the Christmas Tree Ship is illustrated with oil paintings and archival photographs. Age 8 and older. Peterson, Cris. Photographs by David R. Boyds Mill Press, This book explains how cows like Clarabelle help produce not only dairy products, but also electricity, fertilizer, and bedding. The pages are illustrated with bright full-color photographs, and a glossary is included at the end. Ages Peterson, Cris.

Fantastic Farm Machines. Boyds Mills Press, Rappaport, Doreen and Lyndall Callan. Illustrated by E. Dial, We join the game in the bottom of the 14th inning, where the score is tied A young fan, Margaret, is at the game with her parents and brother to cheer her home team, the Belles, to victory.

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