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She asks God to take her life and deliver her from these wicked people. The wrecked ship is drifted towards the shore. She tells the king the story of what happened to the ship but she hides her true identity from him. She gives the king all the treasures and the goods and, in return, asks him to build a temple for her so she could devote her life to prayer in that place. The king grants her wish.

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She so devotes herself to praying that the whole city is enchanted by her virtues. Upon his death, the king advises his men to appoint Marhoomeh as their future ruler. Marhoomeh refuses to accept the offer on the grounds that she needs to choose a spouse first before becoming king. She summons girls who come to her with their mothers, pretending that she wants to choose one as a spouse. In fact, she tells them all her story and reveals her identity.

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She is then asked by the elders of the city to choose a king for them. Sick and disabled people would go to her for healing. His brother tells him the fabricated fib about Marhoomeh and what happened to her after her husband departed. The man takes his brother, who is now disabled, to the Pious Woman to be cured. On his way to see the Pious Woman, he comes across the Arab whose wicked servant is now blind and disabled. They decide to accompany the man on his journey. Being blind and handicapped, his mother begs the men to take her son with them to the Pious Woman so he also joins the men in search of a cure for his disability.

Upon setting eyes on the company of men, Marhoomeh recognizes her husband but she puts a veil on her head and hides her face under the veil. She says to the men that in order to be healed they each have to confess their sins. Only then can she pray for their recovery.

The sinners confess their sins. Marhoomeh prays for them and they are all cured and regain their health. Them Marhoomeh unveils herself and her husband praises God for this reunion. Marhoomeh then forgives the sinners and helps her husband to become king and the Arab to be his minister and she devotes her entire life to prayer Yousefi This means we have to abandon these luxuries and give up the material world in order to be able to see the divine in ourselves and become one with Him.

Although the Pious Woman is noted for her exceptional beauty, it is her piety that eventually saves her life. The ordeals she suffers in life are a test of her character, a character that appears to be strong and emerges triumphant in the end. This is the mark of a true person, no matter what his or her gender is. In effect the Pious Woman emerges as a super human. She suffers great hardships and remains faithful to her husband and becomes the shining sea that swallows up all the filths around her and makes them disappear Yousefi The three men who cannot control their lascivious feelings debase themselves to the lowest degree.

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The Odyssey The Greek epic poet, Homer ? In The Odyssey Homer shows his hero, Odysseus, who is unwilling to leave home to go to war against the Trojans. He has to leave behind his extremely beautiful wife, Penelope and his new born son, Telemechus. Most people remember The Odyssey for the heroic deeds achieved by its protagonist, Odysseus, and also for his cunning ruse.

Odysseus also suffers from another weakness. He enjoys the company of women.

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He stays with Circe and Clypso for many years before he is reminded of going back home. Odysseus is a character who is constantly tempted by fame, women, and glory and has to go through many trials and tribulations before he arrives home. But one thing which keeps bothering him all throughout these years is whether his wife is still faithful to him.

Odysseus and Penelope are happily married until Odysseus reluctantly decides to join the Greeks in the Trojan War. They assume Odysseus is dead. The risk grows with every passing day that Penelope might give up hope.

THe Story of a beautiful woman who wanted a Pious husband <3

They even harass her to choose one of them as her new husband. Day after day Penelope cunningly weaves a shroud for her father-in-law, trying to give her suitors the impression that she is striving to finish it before she chooses a husband but every night she unpicks her work and buys time for herself and her husband.

She makes fool of her suitors for many years and leads them on Marquardt She also single-handedly manages their estate and looks after the house. After Odysseus returns from his long journey which lasts twenty years he finds that Penelope is still faithfully waiting for him.

Later in the story, Penelope marries Telegonus after her husband is accidently killed. Telegonus makes Penelope immortal. In western literature Penelope emerges as a paragon of virtue, intelligence and faithfulness. Many writers have written poems and stories in praise of her loyalty and piety and many artists have created artworks about this queen of virtue. But, unlike the Pious Woman who appears as a mystic heroine, Penelope is a mythical woman. As a mythical heroine, Penelope is larger than life.

She is also a figure of authority.

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It is Penelope who determines when she will be able to choose a new husband. She seems to be in total control of her destiny despite all the pressures on her. Penelope is a cunning and clever manipulator.

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  • She devises tricks to delay her numerous suitors and stands firm against them who try to intimidate her into accepting one of them as her husband. She even tests her husband in the end to see if she could use the bow. The Pious Woman, on the other hand, is a mystical character.

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    She is unbelievably devout. She is a simple-minded and good-natured woman who escapes from danger by dint of her piety and virtues. The Pious Woman does not have a Telemachus to constantly remind her of her husband. Penelope remains faithful to him despite the fact that he has not been loyal to her. There is no such double standard of morality in the story of the Pious Woman.

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